Have you felt like your outfits have been boring lately? Well, we have 3 tips for you that will make your outfits look bomb.

Add Some Jewelry

If you are wearing any outfit, simple or with patterns, jewelry can make your outfit look much more put together and chic. Adding a bracelet or a necklace that goes with the outfit can change the whole outfit. Don’t be afraid to try out some funky jewelry with a more simple outfit as well!


If you have a plain outfit, layering can completely change the look. You can add a blazer for a more put together look, a cardigan for a nicer girly look, a scarf if it’s cold out, or even just a plain jacket for a cuter look. Just this one piece will change your look altogether.

Do A Unique Hairstyle

When you are done putting on your outfit you may think it needs something else. You can try to do a new hairstyle that you’ve never done before and make it look like you tried much harder than you actually did and it can completely change the outfit