6 Awesome Gift Ideas for Teens

Dream Catcher

A dream catcher is a gift you might not see often. Dream catchers are very pretty and can add a lot to your room! This Amazon Dream Catcher is great because there are multiple styles to chose from for anyone.

Office Supplies

Office supplies are such a great gift to get someone especially if they are interested in them! You could get someone Pens, an Organizer to store supplies, Sticky Notes, a Planner, and so much more!

Wireless Earbuds

Although wireless earbuds can be expensive, they are a very practical gift and are so useful! iLuv Earbuds are a great gift to get especially because they are not as expensive as most earbuds!


You can never go wrong with makeup as a gift for a teen. Whether they have never even played with makeup or they are very advanced, it’s a great gift that they can have tons of fun with. 


If you know them well enough, you might know about someone that they really look up to or idolize. If that person has merchandise, you should get that for them! Fanjoy has many popular creators’ merchandise fro you to purchase!

Gift Card

This is pretty self-explanatory, but you could get someone a gift card as a last-minute idea or just something to add to what you already got them! Great gift cards to get for teens are clothing store gift cards, beauty store gift cards, or more practical places like Target!