9 Things To Do WHen You’re Bored

Online Quizzes

If you are really bored at home, why not find out what disney princess you are most similar to?  Online quizzes are very fun to do and can occupy you for a very long time.

Watch Movies Or TV Shows

There are many good movies and TV shows on Netflix, Disney+,  Hulu, and more! If you find a good movie or show to watch, you could binge watch.


A really fun and delicious thing to do when you are bored is bake.  You can find so many different recipes online for cookies, cake, brownies, or even try a recipe that you never heard of!

Family Games

If you are able to get your family together, play some fun games!  You could play Monopoly, Bingo, Pictionary, etc! There are also fun mobile games you can play as a family!

Go Through Clothes

One thing that takes up a lot of time and is actually fun is to go through your clothes.  You could go through your closet and dresser and discover things that you forgot you had and things that you haven’t worn in months and could sell or donate!


If you are bored, maybe you could get into the habit of exercising.  You could start or end your day off by doing a simple 10 minute workout that you can find on YouTube!

Play With Your Pet

If you have a pet like a dog, you could have fun with it. You could teach it new tricks like sit, shake, fetch, roll over, talk, ect.

Prepare Dinner

Why not surprise your parents and make dinner for the family?  As long as you don’t cut or burn yourself, you could find a fun and easy dinner to make for your family.

Do A Craft Or Art

Doing a craft or an art project is a good way to be creative! Even if you aren’t too confident in your art skills it is a great way to practice. Look up some inspiration on Google or Pinterest for ideas!