How To Take Notes Effectively

Find A Method That Works For You

There are so many ways to take notes. From Cornell notes to using a computer. Everyone learns differently. So, find the way that works best for you!

Use Nice Pens

Using pens that make your handwriting look good and write smooth will make your notes easier to comprehend. Invest in good pens that last long and it will help your note taking overall. We recommend the BIC Velocity Pens. These pens last a long time and are comfortable to write with!

Color Code and Highlight

Color coding and highlighting can make it easier for you  to differentiate between important information and set it up in a way that is easier to understand. 

Add Diagrams and Pictures

When taking notes from the board, teachers usually have diagrams and graphs to go along with the topic. Draw those into your notes! The teachers have those pictures on the board to help you and by writing them down you’ll remember them better. Also, come up with your own little doodles to help you remember definitions better!

Keep Your Notes Organized

Make sure once you are done taking your notes you put them in a safe place so you can go back and reference them later. We recommend having a different notebook or binder for each subject to make sure everything is separated! Staying organized will be very helpful when going back to review for a test or exam!