Tips To Keep An Organized Planner

Write Down Everything

No matter if it’s homework or a practice, write it down! Not only will it help you remember it by jotting it down, you will be able to look at it if you forget. Even if you think you will remember it, write it down just to be safe.

Color Coding

To differentiate between a game that night and school work, color code it! It will make it easier for you to see the difference between the things you need to do!


Volleyball Game at 7

Math Lesson 7.01

Rehearsal at 5

Science Project due on Friday!

Picking A Planner That Is Right For You

There are so many different planner options out there. Ones with monthly setups or weekly setups or even both! Big planners or small planners what should you choose? Well luckily we have some recommendations! We personally like The Happy Planner planners! They have so many different colorful planners that will fit all your needs!

Bonus Tips!

  • Use stickers to make planning more fun!
  • Once you know the date of something right it down.
  • Invest in good pens that will last a long time and write nicely.
  • If you don’t want to carry a planner use an app! We recommend Google Calendar, you can access it on your computer or smartphone, and it is available on Android and Apple products.